The CHEMSTART’UP small business service centre is situated at the heart of the Lacq Industrial Park and since 2011 has been accommodating new businesses specialising in fine chemicals, new materials, green chemistry, composite materials and nanomaterials.
These new specialised businesses have found a specific, safe environment as well as ideal conditions from the development phase right up to the manufacturing stage.

CHEMSTART’UP was born from a simple observation: in France there was no structure available for new chemical businesses which had successfully completed their incubation and start-up stage and needed to pass into the pre-manufacturing stage. Yet this phase is essential to their development.

The chemical sector requires a specific, extremely safe environment. This is to enable sometimes toxic or dangerous products to be stored or manipulated, and also to eliminate solid, liquid or gas residues during synthesis stages. This kind of environment is only found on special platforms.

For start-ups looking for pre-equipped premises at a low cost, situated near a high-quality scientific environment and with the benefits of shared services, such as access to heavy analytic equipment at a reasonable price, CHEMSTART’UP is the answer.

In a 2500m² building, eight pre-equipped modules are available to project developers with an open space area and individual storage lock-ups.

The Chemstart’up team is at your disposal to study your project. Our mission: facilitate your setting up, help you use industrial pilots and accompany you in all administrative procedures.