CHEMSTART’UP groups together, on a single site, new companies searching for an environment favourable to their growth, thus facilitating the “cross-fertilisation” of researchers from diverse backgrounds.

Eight modules are available to young companies in the Chemstart’up premises.
Each module comprises:

  • 75m² of office space (modular offices).
  • 75m² of pre-equipped laboratories (lab benches, fume hoods) with safety devices (smoke detectors, toxic gas detectors, air extractor fans, emergency safety showers and eye wash stations…).
  • 50m² of secured premises for installing mini-pilot plants, with 6 metre high ceilings. This secure hall is also equipped with a smoke and toxic gas detector and an extractor fan).
  • 20m² annex for storage (individual lock-up).

400m² of open space is also available. It comprises:

  • A reception area.
  • A fully equipped meeting room.
  • A photocopying and printing area,
  • Rest areas.

Each module is completely secure (intrusion, fire, toxic gas). As well as these modular, secure premises, the rental rate also includes the sharing of numerous services.