The industrial side of Lacq’s history began in 1949 with the discovery of an underground oil field, then two years later, a natural gas field. Within a few years, a veritable industrial complex was created from scratch.

Lacq then took on an entirely industrial vocation when the commercial exploitation of this gas field, one of the largest in Europe, began in 1957. At around the same time, the new town of Mourenx was built in order to accommodate the influx of thousands of workers.

From the outset, the company exploiting the gas field drew the attention of politicians and socio-economic decision-makers to the finite nature of the gas resources and the necessity of joint action to ensure plans were made for the reconversion of the industrial park in the future, after the gas field had been exhausted.

Thanks to this forward thinking and the joint action developed over many years, the industrial park has been able to diversify and thus preserve jobs.

Today, the Lacq Industrial Park is composed of four Seveso II platforms and 7 manufacturing clusters, which directly and indirectly generate 7600 jobs.