At the heart of the Lacq Industrial Park, 4 Seveso II platforms cover 545 hectares. It is the largest cluster of industrial platforms in South West France.

There are still opportunities for setting up businesses requiring a Seveso environment. The Chemparc team is available for studying your business project with you.

Mourenx – Chem’pôle 64


The Mourenx platform has been accommodating fine chemistry and specialised units since 1975 on its 65 hectare site.

Sobegi has developed infrastructures on the site and provides manufacturers with various fluids as well as effluent treatment facilities.

Small units can thus access the infrastructures of a large chemical platform.

The manufacturers at Chempole 64 therefore have at their disposal:

  • Thermal energy: steam 15 bars.
  • Electrical energy: 20kV post.
  • Industrial fluids: filtered water, refrigerated water, water for fire-fighting, demineralised water.
  • Industrial gases: air instrumentation, nitrogen, service air, commercial gas.
  • Treatment of effluents: water treatment station, thermal oxydation, waste solvent incinerator.
  • Services: operating, maintenance, inspection, technical design department, stockroom, security, training, railway traction…


Lacq – Induslacq


Induslacq is a 225-hectare site accommodating numerous manufacturers. All have ultra-modern facilities for effluent treatment at their disposal, a mainline rail connection and an internal rail network.

The manufacturers at Induslacq therefore have at their disposal:

Thermal energy:

  • 4 steam boilers.
  • 4 networks of 4 to 110 bars.

Electrical energy:

  • 63kV post and electricity supply 5.5/20kv.
  • Self-generation capacity of 54 MW.

Industrial fluids:

  • Filtered water.
  • Refrigerated water.
  • Water for fire-fighting.
  • Demineralised water.

Industrial gases:

  • Air instrumentation.
  • Nitrogen.
  • Service air.
  • Commercial gas.

Treatment of effluents:

  • Physical, chemical and biological treatment station for industrial waste water.

Other shared infrastructures available:

  • Training centre.
  • Canteen.
  • Occupational health centre.
  • Emergency service: industrial firefighters specialised in chemical risk.
  • Safety training centre.




ARKEMA occupies the whole of this 38 hectare site, manufacturing mainly speciality polymers. Nearly 100,000 tons of products are manufactured each year.

Polymerisation and NTC units are present on the site. In keeping with the tradition of cooperation and partnership between the manufacturers of the park, future companies can benefit from these pilot plants which are unique in Europe, in order to develop their procedures.

The Mont platform is connected by pipeline to the Lacq platform for utility supply (steam, process water, nitrogen) and for the collecting and treatment of liquid effluent.

The Mont platform has a Seveso II classification and ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates, thus corresponding to requirements in safety, quality and respect of the environment.

Products manufactured at the Mont platform:

  • Lactam 12 (Lauryl-lactam).
  • Orgasol® polyamide powders.
  • Orevac® polymers.
  • Nanostrength® block co-polymers.
  • Graphistrength® carbon nanotubes.




The Pardies Noguères platform covers almost 200 hectares and is for to the independent setting up of chemical units. Air Liquide and Yara are on this platform. They develop products from the supply chain of natural gas and gases of the air.

At Pardies Noguères, the Air Liquide France Industrie unit produces oxygen, nitrogen, argon for numerous companies in the region. These gases, issued from the ambient air, are indispensable for areas of activity such as local companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and new materials sector…

The group Yara France runs a production plant of nitrogen chemical products for industrial applications. This plant comprises the reception and storing of ammonia, production units of nitric acid and ammonium nitrate.

Main production of the plants of the Pardies Noguères platform:

  • Industrial gases : O2, ultra pure O2, N2, Ar.
  • Nitrogen compounds : Alcali, nitrogen peroxide, nitric acid 98.5%, and 53-63%, ammonium nitrate solution 50-92%, technical ammonium nitrate, calcium nitrate.